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The NVC 2017-18 Concert Season Tickets

Purchasing Tickets for our Concert Season:

* Please read the following instructions carefully, before making
your ticket purchase, below.

Tickets will be available for purchase online for our upcoming concert, at the following 2017-18 Season ticket prices:

—Advanced Adult Ticket: $20This ticket price remains the same, until the day of the concert. At that time the Adult ticket price increases to $25, the evening of the concert. Buyers may still purchase their tickets at the door, at the slightly higher ticket price.

—Student Ticket: $10—The Student ticket price remains the same at the door. Children under 12 attend for free.

—Season Concert Ticket: $50—This ticket price remains the same throughout the season, and is genearlly purchased in the fall, to attend all three of our yearly concerts, at a slightly reduced price.

sample NVC tickets

Our ticketing system now provides downloadable and printable tickets in PDF format to concert attendees, as shown in the images above.

There are two ways to make your ticket purchases through PayPal:

A.) By logging into your PayPal account to make your ticket purchase;


B.) Use your credit card for your purchase, without logging into your PayPal account.

Please continue below, to follow the instructions explaining how to purchase different ticket types, as well as how to download and save tickets to your home computer.

Purchasing more than one ticket, or type of ticket at a time:

When purchasing more than one of the same type of ticket, i.e.two or more Adult tickets, or two or more Student tickets—buyers should make this purchase as a single transaction. Simply indicate in the quantity box, how many tickets you are purchasing of the particular ticket type you are buying. Once your purchase has been made, you will then be redirected to download a single PDF ticket file, which can be printed multiple times as needed, in accordance with the number of tickets you have purchased, of this ticket type.

Purchasing mixed or different types of tickets:
Conversely, when purchasing different types of tickets, buyers should purchase each ticket type as a separate transaction, for the number of tickets needed. For example, if buying one or more Adult tickets, and one or more Student tickets, you should do so in two, separate transactions. This is explained further, under Section B, Mixed and Multiple Ticket Type transactions.

A.) Instructions for purchasing, downloading, and saving your PDF ticket file(s)
to your computer:

Step 1.) - Using Your PayPal Account:
If you are logging into your PayPal account to make your purchase, once you have completed the purchase, you will arrive at a PayPal screen that displays the summary of your purchase. You will then need to click on a link or button option which will be displayed at the bottom of this screen, that says: “Return to Merchant. Once you have clicked this link, you will arrive at a landing screen where you must either wait for a few seconds to be redirected, or you can choose to click on another link to automatically redirect your browser. After your browser has been redirected, the ticket PDF file with the printable ticket for the specific ticket type you have purchased, will open up automatically in your browser window. You may then download and will want to save this PDF file to your computer, so that it can be printed as a receipt, and brought to our reception check-in table, on the night of our concert.

* Important: Please be aware that when using your PayPal account to make your purchase, you must go through this two-step process of clicking on the link or button at the bottom of the payment summary screen, to “Return to Merchant” in order to access and download your PDF ticket file.

If you are purchasing more than one type of ticket, please follow the instructions in Section B below, for Mixed Ticket Types.

Step 2.) - Using a Credit Card:
If you are making your ticket purchase
without logging into your PayPal account, and are just using your credit card to do a transaction, you should automatically be redirected to the ticket PDF file in one step, after payment goes through.
(You may find it easier to purchase your tickets online this way, without having to log into your PayPal account.)

* Below are example screenshots explaining how to purchase and download your PDF ticket file through PayPal. Please be sure to view the screenshots at the link shown below, and read over all of the instructions on this page, prior to purchasinge, especially if this is the first time you are purchasing tickets.

We recommend that you save and download your original PDF ticket file to your computer as shown in the screen diagrams, so that you can print them out at your convenience, and bring them with you to your concert. Thank you!

(B) Mixed and Multiple Ticket Purchase Instructions:

Please follow these steps when purchasing “Mixed and Multiple” ticket types:

1.) Mixed Ticket Type Purchases:

If you are purchasing more than one type of ticket—for example, an Adult Ticket and a Student Ticket for the upcoming concert—you will need to do so in two, separate PayPal transactions. This will allow you to automatically be redirected after each single purchase to the correct PDF file of the given ticket type which you have purchased, so that you may download and save each one separately. The PayPal system cannot return two different PDF ticket files in one transaction, so this is the reason for purchasing each different ticket type, as a separate transaction.

2.) Multiple Ticket Purchases of the Same Type:

If you are purchasing more than one ticket of any type—from Season, to Any Two Concert Tickets, or an Adult or a Student ticket— please be sure to enter the number of tickets in the quantity box of the PayPal screen next to your ticket type, on check-out. The PayPal system will then redirect you to your downloadable PDF ticket file after you make your purchase as explained above, which you may then download and save to your computer. After downloading, you may print this PDF ticket file for the number of tickets you have purchased, to have an individual ticket for each member of your party, which you may bring with you to the concert.

(C) Printable Form and Mail Option:

small dark green noteFor those who prefer not to use PayPal, tickets may also be purchased via our printable, Tickets, Donations and Advertising Form, below. If you choose this method, you must be sure to mail in your order form within enough time that someone can email your tickets to you.

4.) Finally, if you need to contact us...

*If you are still having difficulties obtaining your printable ticket, or need more help for any reason, please contact us at: info@northernvirginiachorale.org and someone will be in touch with you to help solve your issue. We have tried to explain all of the possible scenarios for ticket purchases and the ticketing process, so that our upcoming concert will run as smoothly as possible, but if you need help, we are here to help you, so please reach out.

Ticket icon

Please read the instructions above, before making your purchase.

Northern Virginia Chorale 41st Season
2017-18 Concert Ticket Options:

Season Ticket Pass
All Three Concerts —

Upcoming concerts:

Saturday, November 4th Concert:
All Saints Day/500th Anniversary of Reformation


Saturday, December 9th Holiday Concert:
“Selections from Handel's Messiah”
(*Please be sure to review our PayPal purchase & download instructions above,
before you make your purchase.)


Individual Adult & Student Tickets are now available for:

“The Commemoration of All Saints’ Day
amd the 500th Anniversary of Reformation”

—on November 4, 2017 at 8:00 p.m.


General Admission Tickets:

Adult Prices:


Student Prices:
(12-24 years)

Children under 12— free
(Student door price
is the same.)

Advanced Adult Ticket
(Adult door price=$25)


Student Ticket
Purchase —$10

(Student door price=$10)

Advanced Adult Ticket
for November 4th, 2017 Concert:


Student Ticket:



Three, Alternative Ways to Purchase Concert Tickets, make a Donation, or to buy an Advertisement in our Concert Programs:

small dark green note 1.) Use our Printable Form:
If you prefer not to use our PayPal system to purchase your tickets, or to make any of the other transaction mentioned above, you may use our Tickets, Donations and Advertising Form, then return it to us by regular mail.

* Our Tickets, Donations and Advertising Form for the 2017-18 Season may be used, if you wish to purchase ads, buy tickets, or donate by regular mail. Please download the form by clicking on the image, shown below. * When using the form, you will neeed to enclose your check, made payable to: “The Northern Virginia Chorale.” (Alternatively, you can just write “NVC” on your check as well.)

NVC Tickets, Donations, and Ads Form
for the 2017–18 Season:

[download the PDF file by clicking on the image above]


small dark green note2.) Visit our ‘Support the Chorale’ pages, found under our top navigation drop-down menu, for more information on submitting an advertisement, or to make a donation to the Chorale, using our online PayPal system. (Purchasing via PayPal is the easiest and fastest way to make a secure transaction online.)

small dark green note3.) You may also contact a Chorale member you know, to make a purchase.
A member will obtain the tickets for you. Your check should be made payable to:
“The Northern Virginia Chorale,” (rather than to that individual).

Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions regarding completion of the printable form for your
advertising, you may call Jim Wakefield, our Advertising Manager at:

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