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The choral products we are offering below include the Handel Messiah music score, along with specific choral training and music training CDs. There are also additional banners that feature links to best-selling books and authors, books on specific subjects, electronic products such as cameras, musical instruments, and even a link to the Amazon Home Improvement Store. Just scroll to the bottom of the page to see all of the different offerings.

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Featured Choral CDs and Choral-related Learning
for Our Singers:

The following products shown below are specifically related to choral music and learning to sing. These products are especially relevant to members of the chorale. However, any website visitor may find them particularly helpful in appreciating and learning to sing choral music. In place of the products below, sometimes you will see orange flashing “Shop & Save” banners. These are Amazon ads that show when their site is experiencing high traffic. You may check back to see when that banner disappears, to click again on the specifically featured products.

Handel's Messiah The orange cover score for Handel's Messiah, edited by Watkins Shaw, commonly called the Novell Handel Edition is available for $9.63, new on* There may also be used copies available for purchase.

You can order both the Novell Handel Edition and Handel’s Messiah from Scratch (with practice CDs), through the widget featured below.*


The Northern Virginia Chorale’s Recommended Choral Learning Products:

Secrets of Singing
Jeffrey Allan's Singing Book and CDs
Product Summary: Music Theory for Dummies:

Jeffrey Allan's Secrets of Singing— Book and CDs for female or male voices (lower or higher pitched). These resrouces provide a comprehensive method for improving ones mechanics of singing. There are a total of 32 vocal exercises in the program. Each is thoroughly explained with an accompanying CD sound track with which to practice.

Smart Music Software
  EarMaster Pro Software
Product Summary:

Smart Music Software provides singers and instrumentalists with a recording and playback application. It facilitates more efficient practice with MP3/WAV audio files or other sheet music files available in its database. The user can practice difficult measures by lopping over a specific section, rather than starting at the beginning of a work. Contains its own metronome and pitch instrument.


Product Summary:

EarMaster Professional 5 Software is a highly interactive software application that helps tune your musical hearing, a necessary skill in singing. There are 440 lessons in the standard tutor and another 211 lessons related to jazz. Lessons include intervals, chords, scales; interval singing; chord progressions; melodic dictation; rhythm reading and imitation; rhythm dictation; and rhythm correction; and complete statistical tracking of your progress through each lesson.

Classic Choral Masterpieces
by the late Robert Shaw:


Shop for musical products related to some of our composers for the
2018-2019 Chorale Season:

1.) Click here to view CDs of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony performed by
the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.



2.) Shop for biographies of Ludwig van Beethoven by clicking here.

Ludwig von Beethoven biography 


3.) Shop for biographies and related books on Steven Sondheim
and his music,
by clicking here.

...and shop for songbooks featuring the music of Stephen Sondheim, and other
famous composers,
by clicking here.

Sondheim book


5.) Click below to view Stephen Sondheim’s “Wall to Wall” audio collection:
Symphony Space:

Wall to Wall audio collection of Sondheim


6.) Click on the iframe below, to buy The NPR Classical Music Companion:

NPR Classical Music Companion

“Whether you know a lot about music or nothing at all, Miles Hoffman will help you
think about what you listen to and how you listen. This book is a great achievement.
There’s nothing else out there like it.”

— Wynton Marsalis, composer, trumpeter, and Pulitzer Prize winner.


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* ~ Check out these New York Times Bestsellers for 2018! ~

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John Grisham,
The Reckoning

Stephen King

Becoming Michelle Obama

Hamilton - and related products:

Warlight: A Novel


Anthony Doerr:
All the Light We Cannot See

Political Books 2018:

Tim Federle:
Tequila Mockingbird - Cocktails with a Literary Twist

J.K. Rowling:
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Children's Book and Favorites:


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