Artistic Director Bob Webb conducts the Chorale in“Selections from Handel's Messiah,” Holiday Concert of 2017. | Photography by Dean Beasom

Artistic Direction - The Northern Virginia Chorale has outstanding leadership in musical performance.


Dean Beasom, photographer

In Memory of Dean Beasom,

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July 3, 1948 ~ January 13, 2019

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The Northern Virginia Chorale pays a special tribute to our dear friend and talented photographer, Dean Beasom, who passed away on January 13, 2019. Although Dean had retired in recent years from the National Gallery of Art, he never retired from photographing our concerts and providing us with a memorable record of our Chorale performances. The wonderful photos seen in our publications and here on our website, are some examples of his fine work. His wife, Sue Cook, sings with the Chorale. He will be greatly missed by his family, the Chorale, and many, many friends.


A photograph is more than just

A gift to bring or send.

And more than just the likeness of

A relative or friend.


It is a kindly greeting and

A memory to hold.

Of happy times and pleasant things.

However new or old.


It is a mirror that reflects

Companionship and cheer.

And now and then the wistfulness

That turns into a tear.


A photograph is something to

Adorn a desk or wall.

Or carry in a pocket and

Display to one and all.


It is a faithful portrait

The smile that friendship shares

To add its sunshine and to show

That someone really cares.


Author: Unknown

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