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CD Recordings

Bandman Music

David Bandman of Bandman Music, records all of our local concerts. Purchasing a professionally recorded CD of one our concerts may be a worthy addition to your choral musical library. Additionally, it could also make an excellent gift for a distant kith or kin unable to attend one of our concerts.



How to Place an Order:

You may obtain concert CDs by following the instructions given below, and printing the order form at the bottom of the page.

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1.) Check our listing of Past Performances to confirm the correct date and title of the past performance(s) you are interested in. Currently, we offer CDs of many of our recent concerts. After reviewing the concerts you would like CDs of, please follow Step 2, below. You may need to email Bandman Music to determine if the CD is available.

(In the future we may offer more DVD recordings; however, currently, only our December 2009 Rejoice! Concert is available on DVD, as well as CD.

Download and complete the CD Order form from the link below, which provides current cost per CD and send your check to the address provided on the form. All costs include shipping and handling. If you have further questions, you may send Bandman Music an email at the address provided, below.

The Chorale is happy to be able to provide CDs of our past concerts, and appreciates your interest.


~ Download the CD Order Form here ~

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Bandmand Music:


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